I strongly believe that a life within the confinement of familiriaties and comfort is not living to the fullest. We need to explore, witness, understand the world we live in and the various cultures and traditions that it has supported over the years. I have been travelling for years now and each of my travels have made me realize that there is so much to see, learn and experience. Heritage Hiker is an endeavor to document these experiences  and share the joy of travelling with the world.

The Heritage category, as the name suggests, groups all heritage sites with historic significance or architectural marvel or the intangible heritages of human traditions like festivals, art, folk dance, cultural events. Through the Nature category, I have tried to group in natural sites like national parks, forests, deserts, mountains, beaches or marine parks with ecological significance or breath-taking beauty. The Travelogue, is a compendium of my off-beat travel experiences, adventures, hikes and experiences of meeting wonderful people, I came across during my travels.

Since, I intend to share my travel stories with fellow travellers and people all over, I would like to thank each and everyone for stopping here and also encourage you to share your personal experiences and ideas, which would definitely contribute to our emotional and intellectual growth. May be someday we experience and share the Ichigo Ichie of our lives. Happy travelling !

– Arindam Paul

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